Who we are.

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Bow Valley Engage is an advocacy site where citizens can strengthen their voice. We provide concise, timely and specific actions for concerned citizens to impact decision makers. Formed in 2017 as a response to intense pressure from developers, we strive to shape the best Canmore possible.

Moving forward, the site will become a platform for multiple contributors. Currently it is curated by Jeff Mah, a concerned citizen and resident in the Bow Valley. 

Why we engage...

Ben and Sophia Curry

I engage because I want to live in a community where a majority of homes are occupied by full time residents who contribute to the town, and where families can afford to live.


My name is Christie. I’m concerned that the new developments proposed for Canmore are lacking in innovation, foresight and sustainability. #bowvalleyengage

Kay Anderson

I engage because I feel strongly that we must preserve and protect our environment with viable wildlife corridors and habitat.   And, as part of my Canadian citizenship, it is my job to protect Canada’s natural environment for future generations.


I engage because I worry about the impact larger developments can have on the natural surroundings, community spirit, and affordability – livability. I also believe civic participation is an important part of community.

Erdem Erdinc and Kimberly Carcary

We believe in appropriate development that addresses environmental considerations and seeks to look after the population that currently resides in Canmore, providing employment and services to others in the community

Jen Stelfox

I engage because I am passionate about preserving connected habitat for wildlife, and making decisions that protect and improve the quality of life of Canmore’s citizens

Judy Archer

I am engaged because this is my home.  I love this place. The human community AND the ecological community are two sides of the same coin.  We all need functioning wildlife corridors to thrive.  We need to actively create the future we want.  My focus is local but the choices we make here in the […]

Nancy Ouimet

I engage because I care about my community – sustainable development, human/wildlife coexistence, affordable living, and a long term vision that values community over profit.


I engage because the loveliest and bravest  people I know live in the Bow Valley. Anyone who makes a choice to live here commits effort and time to stay here. Proposals that compromise the wildlife corridors disrespects the the core values of those who have chosen to raise families and live in Canmore. It’s a […]


I am engaged because I want to live in a community that chooses to live simply and respectfully, which means thinking long term and intelligently where we sustainably secure wildlife habitat, protect the mountain environment, and support permanent community members.

Mr. Bear

Because I have no choice.


I’m concerned that real estate developers are only in the Bow Valley for a quick profit, and local taxpayers are left holding the bag when issues arise (like undermining) with their developments.

Amanda Sarka

This is my home and I want to help to guide Canmore’s future in a direction that respects the people and the environment around us.

Kate Williams

Conservation is really important!  As people living in this community, we need to respect the wildlife and live in a way that is sustainable.

Jeff Mah

I engage because a place worth living in is a place worth speaking up for! Our children deserve our stewardship.


I engage because I care about community!


I engage for my family.  I would like my children to grow up in a community that welcomes different perspectives, healthy debate, and recognizes the importance of sustainable living.

Damien LaMartine

I engage because I live here!

Vanessa Siltanen

I engage because sharing information raises awareness about the impact our choices have on our environment